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this seems fun to play while you're drunk.

Hello, may I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

Not the creator, and very late, but other people have made videos and posted it to youtube. Most game creators are fine with posting their games as long as credit and a link are provided ^^

I loved your game. What an interesting innovation!


where can i download this soundtrack? this is to good. 


Any chance that you will make a linux version?


This game is truly great! It's entertaining, the visuals are really good and the soundtrack is a bop. Awesome!

the part where your around eyes gave me a seziure


is the soundtrack available for download or available on Spotify?


This is a best game on itch


I think the difficulty curve is a little steep, mostly in the first psychedelic gate... but this whole package is so intense and full of charm! Excellent game!

just a question is there a place to download the soundtrack the music is SOOOOOOOO good

I may have raged but I did it! Omg those levels killed me internally Lmaooooo!


This game is fun.................... IF YOU LOVE PAIN! :d
I managed to get all the ingredients for the "Cake"... xD

Can I please have a link to download the OST? I love it so much XD



This is painful and hard as hell... I LOVE IT

great arcade game with excellent pixel art and neat gameplay. not surprised it did so well in the bored pixels jam. hope you two continue to make awesome games!


I'll be honest with you
I fucking hate you mister developer
Why in fucking hell would you want to put in the game a part with road signs that are the same damn color as the background ones UNTIL THEY ARE 5 MILLIMITERS AWAY FROM MY FACE
Fuck you



Oh man, chill out.


what a great game, i love the art and the music (who made the ost? by the way), but also, I was a little afraid of having an epileptic fit. 


Thanks! Saemi is the one who made the music, the one who also did the art. And yeah we did go quite overboard on the trippy effects in that dimension xD I hope nobody got a seizure from that -Grey


is it weird that I really wanna make fan art of these two bb mushrooms-


Hi! i'm a fan of your work and because of this i would know if in the future, will this game comes on Steam?

We haven't planned for a steam release yet, but that's a possibility once we get our steam page running for sure. -Grey



After dying so many times I can finally say I now have the protagonist's expression.

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Hey There, Please indicate what OS the downloadable files are for. You can do this by going to the game page, Edit Game and clicking the OS icons under Uploads. Thanks!

Game looks great! Unfortunately, I'm a Mac user. :(

Oh sorry about that, I'll look into that right now. -Grey

I'm very new on youtube and I video your game. I hope you like the way you play.

Very nice game, cute, also the comics 10/10


Super cute game, it's really charming! The visuals , music and gameplay are all really solid. Deserves to be purchased! Small, simple but amazing games are always a treat to play.

I think it's a bit hard to tell depth somtimes though, maybe making the objects you can collide with stand out in some way, maybe a different colourfor them all. This also feels like it would work amazingly with VR or some 3D.

Overall, I really like Galaxy Rushroom! keep up the awesome work you two!!

This game doesn't want to install for me on the itch app launcher. I can download it manually but it won't let me have it display in the app. I don't know what's causing this.


This is a super cute idea.  Reminds me of an olddd retro game on the Sega Mega Drive (16-bit) back in the day.  Can't remember the name of it but it had a similar 'spin around to avoid obstacles' gimmick.


This game is astounding! Didn't get to mention it in the video but the artwork and music is also spectacular! 


Классная игра!!! Все очень круто.

Спасибо! Ты крутой!!! 👉👁〰️➖)👉
..I actually didn't understand much of what you said in the video, but it was still very enjoyable to watch you play the game and bop to the music xD Thank you! -Saemi

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Thought this was just going to be a simple task of going to the store.
Definitely a fun ride, and the story got kind of serious for something
that we expected to be more lighthearted. Thank you for making a fun game.

Yoyo, it's not a simple task, looks like you still crushed it tho!
I've had a ton of fun watching you play the game, I love how you got really into the story and dug up all these social concepts xD
"See, I assumed that they're together... Why would the dad be naked"
So thank you too for making a fun video! -Saemi

I am SO glad you finished this game so I don't have to...


Aw this is so cute!  I've never seen anyone put that much effort into baking.  It's a cute and simple game that i would definatly reccomend.

Hey Thank you! Yeah i think she wasn't prepared to put so much effort into the baking either xD -Saemi


Made a video of your game :p I hope you will enjoy it


Hey thanks for the video man, it's really entertaining!
"the guy can't go on the scooter, cause he doesn't have eyes", very true, cracked me up xD -Saemi

I make up theories so you don't have to!

Really cool video man! nice editing style, and got plenty of laughs out of me. Asking the real questions about the Rushroom universe xD -Grey


Thank you very much! I always try to have the best moments so it's not boring haha so I'm happy that you liked it <3 Also, the sound it makes when you hit anything is so funny too! Might try to get to the end in another video :)


Cakey End! The last level is incredibly hard and so luck based QAQ

Really cute comic~ Such a wild girl.. thinking of divorce for just a cake (pie)...

Triangles' hitbox are crazy, probably bigger than it looks like?

And maybe add a powerup with cooldown can make the game more strategic~

Thanks! And yeah, true that the last level is very tough. Perhaps the ring obstacle is a bit luck based, at least for the first ring you encounter. As for the pyramids, the hitbox is pixel perfect on them, you can actually press 1 to display hitboxes- but yeah, they are a bit bigger than the circular blue planets, so the trippy dimension is more challenging in some ways- however it doesn't have anything like the ring-planet which is bigger than the pyramids but smaller than the largest size planets. And yeah, Mellea is quite a wild mushroom girl xD We considered adding a powerup to the game, but decided that we liked the simplicity of just entering a trance and trying to dodge stuff. Maybe in the future though. -Grey


That's awesome!!!~ Looking forward for your next game <3  ୧(๑•̀⌄•́๑)૭✧

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Graphic and music is so charming I couldn't stop playing! Waiting for developement! Would be awesome if you made entire game for android devices  :)

ahh I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I'll definitely be looking into porting our games to android in the future. Actually, we've been working on a game for mobile ages ago but I haven't gotten around to finishing the programming yet. -Grey