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Drift through space on your Vespa without hitting approaching planets.
The mushroom girl Mellea went off to buy ingredients for the cake her husband Takeru is baking.

A short pseudo-3D spin-to-win action game that comes with a little story about the everyday life of mushroom people in space, illustrated with comic passages.

Made for the Bored Pixels Jam. The theme was "Space".

Steer - Arrow Keys/WASD
Confirm - Enter/Space
Fullscreen/Resize - F4

Controllers are supported!

Contains flashing and spinning Imagery


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GalaxyRushroom_1.1.zip 44 MB
GalaxyRushroom_JamVer.zip 23 MB

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Классная игра!!! Все очень круто.

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Thought this was just going to be a simple task of going to the store.
Definitely a fun ride, and the story got kind of serious for something
that we expected to be more lighthearted. Thank you for making a fun game.

Aw this is so cute!  I've never seen anyone put that much effort into baking.  It's a cute and simple game that i would definatly reccomend.


Made a video of your game :p I hope you will enjoy it

Hey thanks for the video man, it's really entertaining!
"the guy can't go on the scooter, cause he doesn't have eyes", very true, cracked me up xD -Saemi

I make up theories so you don't have to!

Really cool video man! nice editing style, and got plenty of laughs out of me. Asking the real questions about the Rushroom universe xD -Grey


Thank you very much! I always try to have the best moments so it's not boring haha so I'm happy that you liked it <3 Also, the sound it makes when you hit anything is so funny too! Might try to get to the end in another video :)


Cakey End! The last level is incredibly hard and so luck based QAQ

Really cute comic~ Such a wild girl.. thinking of divorce for just a cake (pie)...

Triangles' hitbox are crazy, probably bigger than it looks like?

And maybe add a powerup with cooldown can make the game more strategic~

Thanks! And yeah, true that the last level is very tough. Perhaps the ring obstacle is a bit luck based, at least for the first ring you encounter. As for the pyramids, the hitbox is pixel perfect on them, you can actually press 1 to display hitboxes- but yeah, they are a bit bigger than the circular blue planets, so the trippy dimension is more challenging in some ways- however it doesn't have anything like the ring-planet which is bigger than the pyramids but smaller than the largest size planets. And yeah, Mellea is quite a wild mushroom girl xD We considered adding a powerup to the game, but decided that we liked the simplicity of just entering a trance and trying to dodge stuff. Maybe in the future though. -Grey


That's awesome!!!~ Looking forward for your next game <3  ୧(๑•̀⌄•́๑)૭✧

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Graphic and music is so charming I couldn't stop playing! Waiting for developement! Would be awesome if you made entire game for android devices  :)

ahh I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I'll definitely be looking into porting our games to android in the future. Actually, we've been working on a game for mobile ages ago but I haven't gotten around to finishing the programming yet. -Grey