Cappuchino Spoont Force Deluxe VI - Girl of the Boiling Fury: Patch Notes

We've updated the game with some extra polish that we didn't have time to add during the Game Girl Jam. 

V1-1 Patch Notes:

- Highscore is now saved.

- Difficulty goes up when your score hits certain amounts.

- Pause function added.

- Animations added (Steam, Sugar cube, Splash, Foam).

- Splash screen and file icon added.

- Audio level adjusted to be louder.

- Hotfixed a glitch where hitting retry would unmute the game (updated version to V1-2).

Files 5 MB
Jun 06, 2018 5 MB
Jun 04, 2018 - Unpolished Jam Ver. 4 MB
Jun 01, 2018

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Awesome and actually an addicting game, though I have one suggestion if there's plans for an update~

Also you can mute the game sound for the first round at the main menu, when you retry the game sound just comes back on.

Hope this gets fixed ;D

Glad you like it~ sorry about the bug though! I'll try to fix it sometime soon. -Grey

Just fixed it, version 1-2 is now available for download ;3 -Grey


Sweet it works! Thank you so much~ ((salutes