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Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

fun game indeed

Cute and fun little game =) 
We played it over on our channel!!

It's a cute and challenging game.

Nice cafe

i'm not doing well but it's a fun game :)

how is this so entertaining...


can you make it that the web people can play it 

Love it. Just a shame I haven't played the previous 5 games


I'm blown away by how cute this is. The head-shaking animation in particular is fantastic. Well done.

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Hey thanks alot man! Yeah, I've really had fun with the animations in this one.
Your Sweet Buns game is super cute too tho, I've been playing that for like 2 days straight xD -Saemi


Really enjoyed this game! It's actually pretty tough
Hope you enjoy my video on it! <3


Nice video man, enjoyed it! -Grey


Made a video

Nice video, loved the zoom in at like 8:13 xD -Grey


Really cool game, love the art work so much!


Hey thank you, glad you like it! -Saemi


Really fun little game! Enjoyed it a lot! Hope you enjoy the video! 


Glad you enjoyed it! thanks for making a video on our game. Watching people try to figure out how the game works brings us both such joy xD -Grey


Very good Game, love the artwork 

Thanks man! -Saemi


i love this, and the art is so adorable omg


Thanks! glad you like it. -Grey


I had a lot of fun with this! I love the art, it's so cute.

Thank you! glad you enjoyed it. <3 -Grey


This is really cool! What did you program this in ??

Thanks! It's programmed in Game Maker Studio 1. -Grey


This was such a fun arcade style game! Even though I'm horrible at helping Sajiko, I thought the concept was cool, and there's definitely some strategy needed to get the highest score ^ - ^

Glad you like the game! thanks for making a video on it ;3 -Grey


That was a really cute, nice arcade experience! The gameplay was simple, but in arcade games I really like this kind of clearly designed gameplay. :) In addition, the pixel art was totally great! Any animation, no matter if it is the visualization of Sajiko's relaxation, annoyance or outburst of rage, was just great to watch. A wonderful casual game for which I liked to write a recommendation article on our blog. <3 I also uploaded a gameplay video in case that someone is curious about the game. ;>

Best wishes,


Thanks for showing an interest in the game and also taking the time to write an article about it! -Grey


Cool game, I like the graphics!

Thanks! we want to add splashing effects, but we ran out of time for the gamejam release. -Grey


Cute game, and the gameplay is fun ~

Thanks Marti ;3 -Grey